50' Houseboat



A modern home on water

The 50ft House Boat is an exciting project, currently in the conceptual phase of development. In partnership with Osmotech UK  we are developing a revolutionary and contemporary life style option combining our vast experience from within the yachting industry.

Targeting the modern eco-conscious generation of families and friends. This deceptively spacious and sociable living space provides a chilled waterside escape from the business of the city. Mainly concentrating on popular locations such as London, the House Boat will create an alternative option for cost effective river front real estate.

With a range of models and modules available to achieve customisable options personalised to suit your preference, we can achieve the perfect layout to meet any need whether you are an individual, small family or group of friends.

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Ideation Phase

During the Ideation Phase drawing on our yacht design experience we looked to maximise our internal and external space and storage options within the available foot print. Achieving a spacious feel we looked at ways to add multi-functional aspects into the design and how we could mix the nautical aspects into house general layouts. Development of an effortless flow in navigating the living space was our highest priority.

In the design our aim was to create an innovative and unique General Arrangement by taking a clever yacht interior layout with a twist of having regular ‘house’ benefits such as high ceilings and a vast amount of natural light, providing a unrestricted free living space. The exterior of this House Boat model is still currently in development with the aim of achieving a contemporary but timeless, eye catching architecture with a natural presence/stance on the water.

Vital Statistics

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Development Phase

The development phase has consisted of refining an efficient General Arrangement along with creating an exciting exterior. Important factors to include were a vast amount of natural light, abstract exterior forms and multi-functional internal space.

Modelling software such as Siemens NX and Rhino were used to create multiple concepts for trial and error methods for interior, exterior and the overall structure. Much progress has been made through sketching, discussing and modelling and is still continuing. This concept provides an opportunity for colours, materials and trim to be used in exciting ways and to match the daring abstract exterior look.

Processes & Construction

3D Modelling

The House Boat concept in 3D runs parallel with any ideas and sketches we have. At BRYD, we have the capabilities through high end software such as Siemens NX, Rhino and AutoCAD to achieve a fluid transition from initial concepts on paper to visualisation in a 3D environment. This gives us, clients and the builder a good insight into what can be progressed and updated to really push the overall design to new limits.

Construction Details

The overall structure and construction of the House Boat will be based on simplistic house installation techniques therefore achieving a cost effective build. This including elements such as steel and timber framework and interior rendering will ensure a cost effective yet lasting structure is produced.

The House Boat will be produced in 3 main sections, the ‘Hull’, the Lower Deck and the Upper Deck including the roof. This provides the opportunity to create a modular boat, these sections could then be customised and fitted out to the client’s specifications.