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Grand Prix Racer

The new BR31 is our ultra-modern carbon racer perfectly placed for DLR Division and ORC Grand Prix racing, such as the UK HP30 class. For sailors seeking a new breed of fast, technical and highly competitive racing, the BR31 has been developed for a maximum crew of seven. Furthermore, with integral performance and quality build balanced with cost, it’s the perfect step up into performance racing, at a fraction of the cost of classes such as the Fast 40+.

This British built lightweight GP racer is produced using the highest quality construction techniques. Made from carbon/glass and PVC foam core composites, the BR31 will have the highest stiffness to weigh ratios possible. Developed using an in depth simulation base approach with our in-house hull and appendage design and VPP software, we are excited about the potential of this next step forwards in yacht design. With our rigorous in-depth analysis, using Rans CFD and benchmarking conducted against other current designs, we are confident that we can deliver a series winner for the 2018 season.

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Mast & Rigging

The BR31 is supplied with a 2 spreader fractional rig with twin running back stays as standard. Additional options offer choices between standard and high modulus sections, and  composite rigging, to maximise power delivery, aero efficiency and control.

Appendage Configuration

With outright performance and controllability at the backbone of the BR31’s design ethos, the appendage design has been optimised to achieve the highest lift to drag ratios whilst ensuring an overall controllable and forgiving platform.

The BR31 comes as standard with a steel fabricated keel fin with composite fairing maximising stiffness and T bulb weight. In addition, a carbon rudder and stock ensure low deflection and unparalleled responsive control.