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BRYD C-Class Catamaran

BRYD is proud to introduce our second generation development of C-Class Catamaran. With this design we aim to provide a dominant platform in which to challenge for the next Little Americas Cup held by Franck Cammas for the past two events. BRYD are actively seeking to bring this project to life and provide the design to the next title contenders.

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With two years of initial development utilising cutting edge composite design tools, parametric modelling and CFD software, BRYD is perfectly positioned to initiate final design phases and provide platform, wing and foils to competitive teams.

Little America's Cup

The International C-Class Championship was founded in 1961 and has continued to provide a platform for innovation and development at the pinnacle of yacht racing. Over the years ideas developed from this class have been seen to permeate into the Americas Cup.

With the introduction of wing sails to the DOG matches in 1988 and 2010,  the current generation now support them as a permanent fixture. With the development of foiling by Team New Zealand in 2012 this hammer blow to the status quo of performance sailing soon resonated throughout the industry, not least within the C-Class with Franck Cammas winning the Little Americas Cup in 2013 in dominant style.

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